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Grid In Barb's Blues And Teals (I Hope!) (Large)

400 pieces
39 solves
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Medium size to follow tomorrow or next day.


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Sue for loss of consortium with Jigidi?!!! I love the idea! :-)))))))))

I hope your snow-day happens--enjoy!


Yeah not the brightest one for sure. I'm wondering... can I sue for lost Jigidi time? I mean really, she has significantly reduced my fun. LOL! At least we got a lot more snow today and it's still snowing, so I am thinking we may have another snowday tomorrow.


Oh, my, she sounds like a real winner! And she certainly didn't help make her case by staying on the phone with the cop there! LOL!


That would be good if Jigidi did that. I often take breaks from the monsters and the non-monsters for a break. Plus, I'm always trying to keep up with the conversations. Sometimes, it gets hard to keep up with, especially if you have finished the puzzle.

As for the yapper, if she had at least hung up the phone after the accident, I might not have been so mad about it. But she didn't. It finally took the cop telling her twice before she hung up. The cop is trying to write up the report and she wouldn't get off the phone. Then she tried to say we ran the red light, but there were plenty of witnesses that said she was the one who ran the light. I'm just glad no one was more seriously hurt.


I hate seeing people driving and yapping--and, so very often, if I see someone doing something dumb, or driving erratically, when I pass them I see that phone in their hand...

I haven't been on here much today, but I did manage to finally finish that pipes/tubes puzzle by Dohun. I had put more than 2 hours into it, then forgotten about it. Luckily, when I restarted one of the computers, it hadn't been used since I worked on that puzzle, so it popped up, and I remembered it! I wish Jigidi had ways to let you put a check mark or a star or something next to a puzzle that's bookmarked, so that you can pick out which ones you're working on, commenting on, or just want to go back to for some reason. I realize that you can unbookmark and rebookmark, and that will put the puzzle at the head of the line, but I'd love to be able to do something else to mark it......

I hope you're having fun, and feeling better! :-)))


1:12:03 and 46% not too bad but could be better.


Well, I considered it minor. It could have been so much worse. A lady was too busy yapping on her phone to even bother stopping for the red light. Some people really shouldn't be behind the wheel.


So it wasn't such a little thing after all, if you went to the ER! Geez! I'm glad you're feeling better, but don't push yourself--head injuries aren't to be taken lightly!

Thanks for the link! And enjoy your snowy Jigidi day!


Well, I woke up this morning feeling better. My head is not hurting quite so bad and the meds they gave me at the ER have worn off so I'm not so out of it. And it's a snow day, so work and all jigidi for me today. Yeah.

BTW, did you see that Wendy enlarged that pretty waterfall like puzzle from Saturday. Here's the link


I hope you're okay, Aishahm--sorry to hear that. And I'm glad tomorrow looks more promising! :-)))


Well, I'm off to a late start. A minor accident this morning. But I'm ok and I'm back. I can't wait to get started and from the looks of our roads, tomorrow is definitely a snow day so I will have some extra time.