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Five neckties ~ but where are the necks?

64 pieces
88 solves
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Thanks, Kathy, Kirsten and Gwen. Kathy, I have to be there early in order to get on the board as well. Your claim to fame has come and gone!


Another lovely cheerful one, Gail. Many thanks.


Yikes!! It doesn't bear thinking about really!!

And I'm having one of those "noticing the little things" moments again. I really like that creamy colour. It's not a colour that you see very often in a bright kaleido - but I like it!! Thanks Gail. :)))


I made it on the board LOL LOL LOL Not to worry, it won't stay there long LOL I always have to solve the puzzle right after it is posted to make the board as I am so slow. But I doooo enjoy the solve and this one was great!!!!! Thank you Gail :-)