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surprise this morning..

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52 solves
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Nice to see you I'm in the usa. The great state of Ohio..


Here in switzerland we had rain before and since friday we got lots of snow and there will be more..


Love the snow but agree it is work to shovel and clean the car. If you don't mind where are you. We have been getting rain and if it had been snow, we would have looked every bit like this picture. Love the puzzle a lot of fun solving


Hi bunny - I agree, it looks beautiful; but it's hard work to get it away from the car...
I hope santa hears you - have a nice time!


Oh my goodness - how beautiful! Looks so soft and pretty. We got our hopes up a couple of times last year, but nothing more than a few flurries. Hope we get at least one decent snow this year. You hear me, Santa? ;D

Thanks for sharing, bigi. Hope it will be enjoyable for you and not a nuisance!