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Enchanted Fairyland :)) I

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I just checked out the older version of GIMP for macs, and at this direction you can find them all:

I hope this will help.

Thanks for the info. My computer is a bit older, so it doesn't seem to be compatible with the version of GIMP available... I'll have to keep looking.


Hello Sgjazzchick, I'm mainly using the free GIMP program, that you can download for free from the Internet and there are loads of tutorials on Youtube where you can learn to get started, or you do just as I did in the beginning, clicking on buttons and see what will happen next LOL.
I also use some of the online editors like lunapic, pixlr or tuxpi and there are a lot more of them which I haven't used yet.
With these you have got more than enough to get started I think, I hope you'll have as much fun as I had and still have when I got started with them. :))

I love this too. What program do you use to create your puzzles? I'm searching for an easy one for the Mac platform. I'm new to this, and would love to create some of my own pictures and kaleidos and fractals. Thanks!


It very nice to know that you enjoy it so much and I also think that the Walz of the Flowers will go quite nicely with the image and I really would love to sit now at the bottom of the waterfall listening to its rushing waters and the music of the fairies dancing through the flowers. :)) I'm glad you liked the framing, coming from you that is a lovely compliment because you are very good at it now. :)) Thanks for your daily visit and see you tomorrow. :)) Have a wonderful evening.


I have no problem whatsoever with the ideas but quite a lot of problems with converting these ideas into digital images, the programs never want to do the things my way LOL and the worst thing as usual is the lack of time to do all the projects I want to do. :))
My week is running and I mean "running" smoothly, it only was just Monday morning and now we are at Tuesday evening and I don't know how I got here and in another blink of the eye it will be Friday again.
Thanks for your visit and always lovely comments. :))


Hi Hester, I have read the Lord of the Rings at least four times LOL and I love all kind of fantasy stories and fairytales. I'm trying to remember Grieg's Hall of the Mountain but I think I will have to look it up as I must have been years since I last listened to it. :))
Thanks for dropping by and it's always nice to see you. :))


Hello Kirsten, thanks a lot for your lovely praise which makes the hours it took to create this landscape so much more worthwhile. :)) I'm happy that you enjoyed it and thanks for your visit. :))


Hello Gail I had a lot of fun creating it and it is nice to know that somebody else enjoyed putting the pieces together. Thanks for your visit and enjoy the rest of your day. :))


All I would add to the wonderful descriptions would be my enjoyment of the waterfall reflecting the colors of the moon and the flowers. I love Hester's choice of music but for variety I'd add Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker. And I love your framing here. Beautiful, simply beautiful, Dagmar. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm loving just looking at it - joyously peaceful.


This is beautiful Dagmar. It looks like the flowers have come out to dance on the water in the moonlight. You're so creative to come up with these different images all the time. I don't know where the ideas come from but they are really good. Thanks so much and I hope you're week is running smoothly.


Kirsten has it spot on! Ethereal is the word for it. This is Lord of the Rings country and should be accompanied by Grieg's Hall of the Mountain King music! Beautiful, thanks, Dagmar! :-))


I'm enchanted, by this extraordinarily beautiful painting, Dagmar. Yes people. A painting!! I love this one. It looks exquisite and ethereal. The stems of the flowers in that gorgeous luminous but reflective pool, remind me of little sprites. Just gorgeous. Sigh. Thanks so much Dagmar. :))))


This is indeed enchanted, Dagmar. What a wonderful creation! Thanks.