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The gals have some great ideas while laughing heartily
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Missislil, Thank You and I need to say I only have a few posts left❣️


Donna, there is enough for all of us☺️


Val, I’m glad you are almost mended and can get back to normal ( do we know what that is anymore☺️)..and I totally agree with you and Jim about keeping moving..I’ve been that way all my life until covid hit me and I have to tell you, when I’m angry or upset that’s when I really move and reading the news sets me off more and more every day..
It’s very hard for an active person to have to stay calm and content for a long period of time…and please keep taking it easy when you feel back to yourself again..sometimes we don’t know how to stop, but listen to your body❣️
I take frequent breaks and sit in my recliner in our A/C running house hold and try to drink a bottle of water each time☺️
I just had lunch and need to get going and finish up☺️
Hugs and love to you and Jim, Bella and Lincoln❤️❤️

Love these two ...brilliant


Love this cake.


Eva glad that your new Doctor sounds very good and makes you feel confident. I have the same sort of Doctor so we are lucky. They say that exercise is supposed to cure all ills lol but sometimes the after effects of doing things becomes quite painful. Jim and I are great believers in keep moving, so I have found it hard this last month doing nothing but it is working the ribs are so much less painful now and only get a twinge when moving the wrong way or overdoing things. Another two weeks hopefully they should all be mended. Love to you, Hemi, Bobo and Luke Hugs♥♥


Val, You are most welcome❣️ Thank You and Hugs my friend❤️❤️

My neck and back issues were not good..The cervical vertebrae of seven have decided to straighten up instead of curving and this is causing my frequent headaches and discomfort in my electric recliner, but I should get my neck massager any day now which should help plus it has heat☺️
The lower back is invaded by Arthur and deteriorating.. All everything else are fine☺️
I read up on my situation and found exercise is a good thing and this week I’ve been pruning and raking in the back yard and at the end of the day been exhausted and satisfied ❣️ Soon it will be too hot to be out there and I felt it pretty hot in the 90’s..By the weekend I should be finished and then move on to the front which is more shady❣️ After that I’ll hack the big cleaning inside the house and by that time I should feel as new…Great wish, don’t you think❣️
My doctor up and left and I now have a replacement..She is nice and knows what she is talking about and I feel confident…Another thing..I take six strong painkillers per day ..which adds up to 180 pills per month and came to find out the authorities have decided the most pills to be prescribed in a month is 120…and only one month refill so every month I have to see my doctor so she can automatically refill my costs the insurance $100.00 per visit..talking about being backward…
Got to get moving☺️ it’s early am and Thank You for your concern❤️❤️


Jill, lots of imagination in this post and it’s what’s make it laughable❣️ You are most welcome and Thank You❤️❤️


Love the snow shoes thank you Eva, hope you are all well after your annual check up Hugs dear friend♥♥♥


Lol hats already gone, hold onto your scarve. It does appear she is cutting a snow ‘cake’ with an oar! Strange but they are having fun. Thanks Eva

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