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Name the jigidiers part 9

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Linda1802 bergtop Bierbau (wife)
Andie2a1383 Genie Dinty
Micky2002 Peahen4 abel
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  1. Brie16480:06
  2. marunka2770:06
  3. laurajane0:06
  4. Ribs0:07
  5. Robbos0:07
  6. andie9830:08
  7. snooker0:08
  8. pumpkinhead0:08
  9. PLG19580:09
  10. puzzeljac0:09


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Thanks for sharing!


not a clue snooker. but glad to see you posting again :o))

Thanks, Faye. Couldn't leave her out.

Found it Floyd - thanks!

Thanks, Linda. Everything is going well here. Glad you liked the collage. The next one has 4 boys so far and a couple girls. Never know who will post a photo. ♥


All little girls this time, and so pretty. And all little personalities in the making, each one different. It's so nice that baby Micky is on there as well. Thank you so much, Pat.
Well, another day has passed since I posted my first, very hurried message. I hope that that day has brought a further improvement in Charlie's condition. You must be so relieved after that awful scare.
Thanks for telling me that you'd posted this. As Ank said, I had a few days' work this past week and got rather far behind on the Jigidi front. I might well have missed it if you hadn't drawn my attention to it.
Good luck with number ten! This is a charming collection of delightful little faces. Much appreciated.
Take good care of yourself too. ☼♥☼


Check Gladstone for a surprize.


Yaaaay, Micky!!!! Sooo cute! ☺❤☺


Wow, Pat, this is fabulous! Have just had a sneak preview before dashing off to work. Wil come back later.
Glad to hear Charlie's making good progress.
Thanks so much. I'll be back ...

We are doing great, Beekay. Thanks!
Well, warb, only one place you could have heard that. :)


:) Snooker of the Mounted:)


Another puzzle! They do make me smile to see. Thanks for your work.

I do hope you are doing ok snooker and that hubby soon is feeling well.



When you need the break, you know where to tune in! :)
Hang in there, my friend.

Thank you, oddman.
No, I didn't, Maria. Has been a big surprise.
Saw it Suzy and have been reading the story but wish I had more time for Snooker of the Mounted to arrive on the scene. :)

A tale of the wild west....just to make you smile a bit!


Did you ever think it would get this big? Quite a collection, Amazing!


You are quite a collector, Snookums! Nice work.


Fine Pat,I just thought you had been running out of photos....☺♥☺

Andie, Post them anyway as puzzles. Many would like to see them. :)

So far, Andie, I am only doing one photo per profile (or person). So many photos have been posted and I'm trying to keep it to one per profile. The only exception may be Bierbau who used his wife (now deceased) as his avatar and now has a photo of himself. Thanks for the offer though. ♥


Pat if I sent you a totally different photo would that be ok to make up for the 3 missing of your collage.I still have to scan it though.

Thank you, Dave.
Hope you can find a photo, Ginger. Only need about 3 more for another collage. Thanks.
Charlie is doing well, Laura. He's starting to walk again though he can't do 2 to 3 miles yet. :) Thank you.
Thanks, Andie.


Yes Pat,although I was born just after the war days weren't that easy at the time but thanks to loving parents we all made it out .Thanks again for the very good job you did and hope Charlie is well now.
Take care of yourself too !☺♥☺


I haven't been keeping up with comments and puzzles due to my crazy schedule. Did I miss how Charlie is doing? I pray that all is well and he is on the mend.


So sorry to hear of the problems you have now Snooker and sending prayers your way. Still haven't found Mom's photos but my brother says he as a couple and is sending them. Take care now. Hugs, Ginger ♥


You take care of yourself snooker. Hospital illiness' can be serious business. Were thinking of you and Charlie too.

Thanks, Suzy. Had a few of them collected before Charlie decided to have a heart attack.


Not a clue when you found time to pull this one off in your world of Hectic Living at the moment!!!
Well done! What a bunch of cuties!

Thanks Andie, Brie and aggie. There may be a 10th one as I only need a few more little folks. :)
Andie, many of us remember the war years and yet we seem to have turned out very well. Look at the smiles.


What a great bunch - fantastic smile on all of them - especially that little fluffy one LOL! Thanks Pat! Who said she wouldn't get to 100 (99!)? only 18 more needed!!


Thank you so much Pat .I know you've had a difficult time recently and I appreciate your devoting some of it to making those beautiful ,very moving collages .All these happy little faces remind us of one irreplaceable period of our life :childhood.Thanks a lot.☺♥☺

All the names are under the puzzle now. Thanks so much everyone. Glad you like it. :)


Yapyap woof aunt Pat. I'm so proud to be in a collage with so many sweet aunties. You made my day auntie. Please say hello to uncle Charlie and Bandit. Have a bowwow rest of the day. Lovely licks. ♥♥♥


Aw yes Pat I'm pleased too you've included Micky. Thanks so much. ♥


Great job, snooker! These are such fun to see.


Cute pictures in a nice collage


Another fun one, snook!!


What a wonderful idea. Thank you, snooker:-)


Top right COULD be Mimi (Mipahollo)?

Right you are, Lorna. Thank you. :)


Love that you included Micky! :)))


Wow snooker this is great, will it ever end?! It is Linda (linda 1802) top left.

Hi, Shirley. It does seem to be going on and on. :)

Glad you liked it, Bierbau.
Appreciate that, Maria.


Micky is the only one I can name, this could be never ending, Snooker, you have done a great job, Thank you, Snooker.


Thank you Snooker, these are wonderful!


Thanks snooker for letting me know you posted this. She would have been pleased to see this.

5 more now, warb. :)
Had to include Micky as she has her own profile and is very popular, Patti. :)


Wonderful, Snooker! Two on top look familiar, but I can't remember where I saw them! (Micky made me giggle!)


Nine nines, plus four more , thats 85 so far. We need to have a party for you for your efforts, snooker, when your done.

Thanks, Laura. :)
You're on a roll, Sally.
Have another 4 already. Sally just got the bottom middle one, Marry.


You managed to get nine more together, Pat, that's great! I wish I could name bottom middle... I remember the comment which went something like 'clothes from a neighbour and I always loved cowboy boots'... but I don't remember the name :-(


Middle bottom... Marie, Peahen...


I love these collages, Snooker. They are a delight!

Very good! Will give you center right as no one but my brother would know her. :)


i only know Andie2a1383 second row far this point. (which is amazing i can name ANY of them!


Micky bottom left... Abel bottom right....

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