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1st Birthday Boys! :-))

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Tavish (L) and Oliver (R), wondering what today will be like. Photo was taken early this morning, before they got their big new catnip toys. ;-DD
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Thank you Olya, Ella and tisketsmum!!
Yes, they do, Ella. They've been playing on it since day one. More recently, they enjoy watching bird TV from there as Ollie is doing. The slider/screen door is just to my right and a place for me to sit just to the left. Great spot for morning coffee while we all enjoy fresh air and birdsong.




Nancy, your boys are so cute! They sure seem to like their ladder tree!


Squeeee! Such sweet faces!


@calluna You are exactly right about the different personalities...and how it's always a good thing to let them accustom themselves to new surroundings and events while keeping an eye on their responses that might mean they are scared.


We're settling in nicely, Miss Patsy. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!

Some markings seem almost identical. Yes, Tavish is darker and more noticeably furrier as a medium hair with a plumy tail while Oliver is a soft grey with shorter fur and with a very slim tail. And all their shaved parts are finally filling in. Yay! :-))


Thank you, Miss Anne! Sometimes we can be very good kitty boys! Hee-hee.

Anne, perhaps more their poses, since Oliver let me take pics face forward but I liked the way the light showed off his eyes when he was looking out the window.
And yet you're right.

Oliver is friendly, chirrupy and playful, but is not a lap cat. He's happy in any of the several napping spots nearby or in other rooms, often with Tavi nearby or next to him. He's exuded more energy and intense interest in climbing and exploring every inch and seems really smart. He doesn't hesitate to let me know it is scooping or feeding time and often is right there to jump onto my chair the moment I leave it. Otherwise he's content wherever. He's quickly warmed to new humans. Perhaps more self-sufficient than shy?

Tavish has been more forward in wanting pets and attention from day one, yet startled very easily...still does but not as dramatically; he's interested in his new surroundings, but not with the same intensity/heights as Ollie. Definitely a lap/snuggle cat. Tavi has grown a bit and seems more confident, especially in play bouts with Oliver and doesn't spend nearly as much time under the sofa as he did. Starting to thaw toward new humans, but keeps his distance.

I keep thinking of them as unfurling their petals, like one of Impie's flowers. LOL :-))

Happy birthday Tavish & Oliver! You certainly do look like littermates, especially your faces. But some of your markings are different, and it looks like Tavish is furrier.

You've been in your forever home for a little over two months. You were already bonded with each other. Now it looks like you have bonded with your humans and with everything in your space. Again, happy birthday!


Aw, you guys let your mom take your portraits? Such good kitty-boys. In this set Tavish looks more forthcoming in personality while Oliver seems a bit shy? Probably just their poses. They are lovely looking Birthday Boys!

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28 June 2020 - 12 August 2016
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