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Two ready to go to work, right?
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  1. KatieZn0:11
  2. slava20:11
  3. Dclo0:11
  4. Dilubreuer0:13
  5. Robbos0:14
  6. Gladstone0:14
  7. perleblanche0:14
  8. wshealy0:15
  9. Ronan20160:15
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Never been there. Never will be.


Have no clue at all. I have not been on facebook in something like 12 years I think. Hope to stay off it for another 50 or better.


Thank you, Sandi. I do very little on Facebook.
Arlene does follow family members as they post.
I also like this photo of both of them.


I did see this on Facebook, Floyd. I thought it was a very special photo. I do use Facebook, primarily to keep track of what the grandchildren are doing. Also get to "visit" with old friends I do not see. Thanks for sharing this sweet photo.


Ardy, Arlene has Facebook on the IPAD and so do our family. Me NOT.
Mrgoodboy, when I saw this little guy all dressed up I had to share the two of them.
Beekay, I think they are that. Maybe Dad looks after the dog.
Cardinal, let's hope he grows up safe and sound.
Ellen, I am pleased you like this photo.
Barb, it looks like Facebook in not popular =with our group.
Thank you all for your visit and kind comments.


Oh, my....I will be like another broken record: "I'm not on Facebook"....LOL I love this photo, Floyd, thank you for sharing it.... :)


Love it, Floyd! :o) And refuse to do Facebook.

Thanks for posting. This little guy looks like a K9 Officer in the making. May God keep him safe. He does have a good body guard with him.


I'm with the majority here and not into facebook. But I do adore the photo. They look like best buddies☺

He’s darling . Keep him safe . Stranger danger is real .


Adorable, Floyd. I have a Facebook page set up by and for one particular friend back about three years ago who was sharing some of her gorgeous photos. It was taking her so much time to send them email to me that I finally gave in. I post nothing and share nothing. I don't even know how to. I have 6 friends, 4 of them don't use email and moved across country. It's my only contact with them. You won't find me so don't try to look. LOL


Thank you, Cyndi, Catmo, oldmanalarissa, Durham and Stoneboro.
I am not on Facebook either, but my wife is and the messages are sometimes
very interesting and I share them on Jigidi.
Lorna, thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Wow! I thought I was a rarity, glad to know I am not alone by refusing to use facebook. More importantly, thanks for posting this great picture!


Wonderful photo. Thanks Floyd. (I'm another who isn't on Facebook!)

I'm not on facebook either, I have better things to do. Even it's doing nothing.


I'm not on facebook. Thank you for posting this beautiful picture. I prefer to have some me time on Jigidi. YAY!


I'm not on facebook either, but couldn't resist this. Thanks for sharing!


I'm not on Facebook but this picture is darling. Love it. TFP ~ Cyndi

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