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Thinking about putting this on my front door. Should I?

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Texasstar, that would be great! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Oh, I went ahead and had the plaque put on our front door, and it looks really good.


Healer, when I did that, it inspired my friend, who loves monkeys, to paint the door going into his garage with a scene on the same order. He had a palm tree with a monkey climbing the tree for a coconut and it was darling! We all loved it. I'll see if I can find that pic also.


Looking forward to seeing it! Thanks!


I was thinking the same thing. I'll look for them, I'm not sure I have a closeup, but I bet I have some with it in the background. I thought it was beautiful, and the artist even matched the trees so that if you were standing in the right place, the trees on the outside of the fence looked like they were inside!


Thank you all! You've got me talked into it! I'm going to put it on!
Lindaisling and Rebecca, I don't think I'll get tired of it either.
Texasstar, I love your idea about painting the inside of your fence like that!
Do you have a picture of it? If you do,I'd love to see it, would you post it?


I think that if you enjoy it enough to see it every time you go into the door for the next few years then you should go ahead and put it on your door. I would do it because I don't think I would ever get tired of it.


I would never get tired of seeing that pretty cheerful scene.


I live at the lake, but not lakeside, and around my very back patio, I have a huge privacy fence. I didn't like looking at a plain fence, so I had a local artist paint a sort of mural on that fence-- you guessed it--the lake! I loved that so very much, and enjoyed it for several years. Eventually, the fence had to be replaced, and I miss it. So I can be pretty whimsical, and I'd say yes, by all means, do it if you aren't restricted by city codes or neighbors or the like. I didn't have to worry, because it was on the inside of the fence, and also in back.


Wouldn't suit my style but sounds as if it might be perfect for you....go for it if you like it!


Thanks Blkir, Melrin and Lyndee.
My door is red, and has a long slender glass panal off to one side.
The rest of the door is plain. I love lighthouses, The lake I live on has 3.
So you thinks it's ok to put it on?


Go for it!


Yes, summer on the coast all year long

yes !