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Art? :-)

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I will art be art and try to get over another place :-))))

Thank you so much dear friends :-)))


A big green spikey cactus with multi-coloured flowers!

(What a pity they didn't add a few blue and lavender lights, just for fun.)


Da kan jeg velge hvilket lys gjelder for meg :-))


It certainly is different Sissel, thanks and hugs. ❤️😍

Good comment Howard and good info nev.


That is how it feels when I enter one of the main road roundabouts in Tijuana!


I'd call it decoration, not art.


I think it's kind of fun!


XMas tree lights


Driving instructors are advised not to take their pupils past this one until at least their third lesson!

Not sure yet.


Shall I go or shall I stay?? An interesting one. Thanks Sissel. Thanks Nev for the info.


It left me light-headed


The Traffic Light Tree — A modern monument in the style of pop art. A tree consists of 75 traffic lights. Such a tree is located at one of the crossroads of London, on a headland on Trafalgar Way, directly opposite the Billingsgate Market. The height of the miraculous traffic light is 8 meters.
Traffic light tree realistically reproduces the wood structure. On each branch of this tree are "traffic light leaves" that blink with natural colors: red, green and yellow. In 2005, a survey was conducted among British motorists, which London intersection do they consider the best? The intersection with the traffic light tree won by a large margin.
The tree does not have any practical function, although all the traffic lights on it are real and are switched in a strictly defined sequence using Peek Traffic. Already several times the miracle traffic light in London, changed its location.
(, Source - Flickr)

Sissel, it is located in the middle of a huge roundabout, so it would not be confusing for motorists.
Good find. ♥♥♥

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