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Here are some of the most powerful images from the unprecedented fires raging across NSW.

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A huge thank you to Emergency Services crew from New Zealand, Canada and USA for their assistance with the devastating bushfires raging across New South Wales, Australia. More homes and lives would have been lost without their help.


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Thanks Malick, I've been watching the rain radar most of the day, very patchy in both states and not enough to satisfy the urgent needs. Thank you all for your comments and well wishes.


That's great Robbos, I've been working through both Queensland and NSW on and off for the past 6 weeks and it's not over yet. It's good to see that all state services are getting together to help out as well as the crews from Canada, NZ and USA. Lia and Isaly, shocking and horrific it is indeed, in my almost 50 years I have never seen it this bad. At one stage 90 separate fires within the state, most were at emergency evacuation level. Then the worst occurred when the coastal fires north of Sydney joined together to create one huge fire front, I have never seen anything so frightening. Yes, we certainly need the rain PennyTHD, I would encourage all to come to Australia and join us in a rain dance!!

We have just had storms in south east Queensland. Unfortunately most of the rain fell in the city and not in the country where the fires are still burning. Thank you for all emergency relief people who work so very hard.


Some of my South Aussie CFS friends are currently in NSW helping out for a second time in recent weeks and they have told me it IS the worst they have ever encountered in their lives.




I wish you a nice hard rain to put it all out. That looks as bad as the fires we had in California.


What an amazing photo of a horrific scene and happening. Thank you to all the emergency services helping in this.


It most certainly was aremgee, nice to be home safely in Victoria after 2 months in Queensland and NSW. Sadly, the fires are continuing but are in control at the moment.

It must be absolutely terrifying to be there