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Beautiful Dobermans

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Bon Jovi sings "you give love a bad name." Have a nice evening.


But still ... I don't think you lovers of dogs, can't deny that some types of dogs are being held by owners that seem to like 'faults'.
Never seen an aggressive Golden Retriever for example.
Don't know the bands name, but there is this number with this words: "You give love a bad name!"

I think some 'raizers' of dogs do the same!

Thanks to your comments I'm aware that I can't blame it on the animals themselfs, but in practice attitude will reflect on them hounds, no matter if it's right!


Sorry for the bad experience, but of course, it is the owners fault, not the dogs. No dog
starts out mean.


Thank you nachtwacht for you apology and I to, am sorry for your experience. I have been bitten buy my own rottweiler. It was an accident while playing. Please always hate the BAD owners.
Dog slobber and wet dog kisses.


Thanks all for liking these beauties!
Nachtwacht sorry about your experience, but is not the dogs fault but the owner's


I've been waiting to see Donerman pictures. I love the breed and would have another if I had the room for it. Awesome dog!


Oké, my apologies for the harsh remark.

I had permission from the farmers wife to do some floral investigation on their land.
Apparently the farmer himself (later) didn't agree with his wife and deliberatly send out his dogs to catch me.
I freed myself in time bij jumping over a ditch. (actually it was 'in' at first).
At the safe side I looked back at a doberman and a rottweiler, both with foamy cheeks.

That's the story behind my remark.


You can't hate a dog by what people do to them. I have had a Doberman, who was
wonderful & gentle, and who had been abused, but still was gentle. My granddaughter &
another friend had a rottie, who were big babies, and loved everyone. Another friend
has a pit bull who was a big baby, so how can you judge breeds. That is what is
wrong with the world. I now have a German Shepherd, who is the biggest baby
ever. She is so loving & she came from a shelter & had a bad life. Its makes me
mad to see them being judged by their breed. Stop judging, would you like to be
judged Nachtwacht by who you are? Anyway, this is a gorgeous picture of two
dobies. Thanks for sharing


Nope, no aggression. I just call it as I see it.
I do not agree with the docking and butchering of there ears.
Again, why are you on this puzzle if you do not like these types of dogs.
Hate is a strong word. Aggression... look in the mirror!!!! Have a nice day. I know I will;-)))


I don't often kick off - BUT I'd call that animal abuse! Look how tatty-edged the older dog's ears are. Are their tails docked too?
Please tell me these archaic practices are not still allowed anywhere on this planet. Dobermans are the most beautiful animals without being "adjusted" for the pleasure of some sick humans. Do we deserve their loyalty?


@castlebob: Nice wordjoke.

@ bluemoon: Talking about aggression ...


Beautiful dogs and very attached to their owners. I've had three Dobermans in my life and all were great dogs. Very smart and very obedient. Thank you for posting such a nice photo of them, Gracie :)

Thank you castlebob, love your comment :)))


Hey nitwit, I have had a Doberman, a Rottweiler (which you spelled wrong) and now a Rottweiler x boxer. Each of them have been the best dogs ever. All of them loved to snuggle and were never aggressive. You are mean, were your parents nasty to you?


You might be right Pumpkinhead, but in some way it seems (to me) that the mentioned type of dogs are quite aggressive ones; in your terms: have nasty 'parrents'...


YES! castlebob you got it right!


is nachtwacht pronounced nitwit?


Fine looking dogs, Gracie!
So sorry that you hate any particular breed of dog, Bachtwacht. There are some breeds of dogs that are not my favorites, but I attribute my dislike of them to their owners who don't train them well. Our son has a (second) pitbull mix, and the dogs have both been loyal and loving. All depends on how they are raised.


Beautiful dogs !!! I've only had one. But I thought they didn't do their ears anymore....?


Too bad! I love all of them!


I hate Pitbulls, Dobermans and Rotweilers!

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