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Vancouver 2017 smoke

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The left side is "normal" and the right is the way it is this summer with all the smoke from the many wildfires burning in the B.C. interior.
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I keep thinking that at least we still have our toothbrush and clothes etc......all those burned out is awful ........the fires seems to be running through more cities this year...or have I just forgotten......??lol....I keep saying "I am old"


Carol66 and Wendy-here's hoping the weather forecast is correct and things improve over the next few days. We will see the light of day again.-Valerie


Just watching the news and they said that the smoke should be lifting in a few days. But with still over 140 fires still burning, unless there is a huge change in the direction of the wind, I can't see it. If we do get the rain they are calling for, that may help. We still have the smoke out here in Mission, but at least our sun is actually yellow in the morning now............Wendy


Hi ValerieBC, experiencing much of the smoke down here....clearing up, the break may (hopefully) come this weekend with some rain?


Thank you all for your comments and sympathy. We are supposed to get some rain starting Saturday evening and most of Sunday. While this will help us in the lower mainland it might bring thunderstorms and lightening to the interior which in turn could spark more fires. As of noon today, all the backcountry in most of the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions are closed to all unless they have a written permit. Hopefully we all get significant rain and no new fires.-Valerie

Valerie, thanks for this stark contrast. Your city is so beautiful, it's heartbreaking to see it engulfed in the smoke and haze. Here in Tacoma we are seeing and breathing the effects of the BC fires. My cat and I stay inside, for the most part, not wanting to breathe in the small particles of ash. Forecast is for sprinkles of rain on Sunday--that should begin to clear the skies. Any idea of your rain forecast? Thinking of you and all BC'ers!


wow really shows up when you "put it like this" am in new west and my eyes have been giving me a headache for weeks and weeks is much better today....and I am really waiting for the rain we are supposed to get.....good job on the photo.....thanks..robin


Oh my goodness. How awful, I am so sorry for you all.


Terrible and very unhealthy!

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