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Please don't forget them!

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Thanks Rob! My Jawz was a rescue dog. I lost him to cancer 11 years ago. It broke my heart. I couldn't even think of having another pet for many years. Come January 7th, it will be 3 years since we got Sushi. She is such a spoiled rotten little girl, the biggest pain in my tush and such a wonderful joy to be around. I love her to pieces!!!


Nice one Jawz - we had a rescued dog back in the 80's & she was terrific, & now we have Layla who is a rescue cat! Way to go!


What a wonderful story...and happy ending for two very lucky puppies! Us adoptive parents are very fortunate!


I was a rescue puppy...and so was my sister before me. We so loved our rescuers that we were the perfect puppies and gave them our hearts, trust, and loyalty.


My Sushi is a rescue dog. Her world has changed for the better.