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No, Freddy! It won't come out that way!

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What an adorable picture of Freddy! I'm going to use this one....soon enough. :-)


It's a good thing we love them so much!


Y'know, I'll bet that self same dog could do the magic "pull the ted from the crate" trick now!
Pat, I truly feel for you! When I had my Afghan he dissembowelled a beanbag seat...cue a lounge totally covered with polystyrene granules. Ever tried to vacuum those beasties? They stick to everything!

Jan,a FROG!!! Trouble, cover your ears!


Would you like to know what an Ikea sofa is stuffed with, or how the upholstery is joined? No? How about what the inside of a "super thick and our most durable" dog bed for a crate contains?!!! This scene looks all to familiar! LOL!


His expression here seems to say, "What? Really? Well then, how DO I get this out of the crate?!"


At that age, Maggie chewed more toys than I care to remember. There were some she liked so much that I would re-sew them for her. But, they had to have squeakers. And, once the squeaker was gone, so was the toy!! Her favorite toy as a pup was a frog!

Love this photo!


LOL Ardy, Fred was never allowed near Growly! His nickname was Fred the Shred and that's his toy teddy he's trying to pull through the cage. This is a cat-free zone and I wouldn't let him near one!
He'd love to play with you too, but he's pretty boisterous!!
Thanks for coming round to visit! :-)


You do have eyes!!! Is that a cat in the cage that you are trying to take the towel from? It's a good thing that's not Growly you're pulling on. I'd love to come ;play with you but you're on the other side of the pond and I'm not that good a swimmer.