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Please don't loose your keys.

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If you loose your keys at the tavern getting inside your own home, may be troublesome. Just don't pass out. There will be so many smiles and none yours.
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MMM and Paddy good to hear from you.


Excuse me, that's My door.


And be with out my paddle or a feather.


Belated congratulations on your 3rd Jigidi anniversary.


Hear! Hear! 10475!

I wonder if she passed out there. Really funny. By the way a really funny show that always makes me laugh is The Carol Bernette Show. The entire crew was hilarious. There will never be another
Lucy or Carol.


Does my butt look big in this


LOL hilarious, how can anyone get that drunk!


True that Paddy! I literally never laughed so hard for so long! Talk about a feel-good series, wow! Those were the days. Nowadays what passes as "comedy" on TV, in my opinion, just isn't!


I was pretty sure you'd heard of it, Paddy! I like to watch the reruns now and then ... never gets old!!!


Ken ~ This is a riot! Luckily, I don't lose my keys ... but I've forgotten them in the ignition more times than I care to remember. I decided to make extra keys and hand them out to various people -- got tired of calling AAA! This is just so funny; thanks for tagging me!

Paddy ~ Your comment reminded me of the old "I Love Lucy" show where Ricky used to say to Lucy ALL the time: "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do" in that charming Cuban accent.

Fun memories ...



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