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Socks Conundrum - Spot the Differences and Bonus Logic Problem!

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The right side is a mirror of the left except for 10 differences. Can you spot them? Please list them in your comment.

Bonus Logic Problem:
Yikes! The lights went out before you finished getting dressed. In your sock drawer, there are 10 green, 10 purple and 10 coral socks. What is the minimum number you need to pull out to be sure of having a matching pair? Please give a short explanation for your answer.

Image copyright: TheLittleBlueHat - jct - 2015
Created from scratch in GIMP and Inkscape.
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Congratulations, Latifa! You are the official winner of the Spot the Difference puzzle having found 9 differences. Not only that, but you had the correct answer of 7 for the Logic Problem if the "different" socks are included in the mix. Honourable mention to friendly52 who came up with 8 differences including the fact that there was something fishy about the nose.

Official list:
1. A green stripe behind her on the left is blue on the right.
2. The hair below her ear is wavier on the right.
3. On the right, the second coral sock has one different motif.
4. The lower frame near the corner has a coral spot on the right that is missing on the left.
5. A darker blue area of the vertical frame between the purple and coral socks is thicker on the right.
6. The nose is not a mirror image.
7. A frog is reversed in middle green sock on the right.
8. An airplane on the rightmost purple sock has a dark windshield.
10. The "jct" signature is on the right only.

Jan (JiggyBelle) and Barb (tigress) are the winners of the Logic Problem. The official answer is 4. Alternative answers are 7 (Latifa) if the different socks are included in the mix, and 2 (Lelabugosi) if you light a candle!


Jan (JiggyBelle) and Barb (tigress) have correctly answered the logic puzzle:

You would need to pull out 4 socks. If the first sock is green, second purple and third coral, the fourth sock must be the same as one of these.

friendly52 and latifa have each found 8 differences - see the 9 piece puzzle:

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