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Up a lazy river.

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Thank you Nellies.
Pumpkin when you make your trip to FL stop and I will give you a swamp tour without the bugs.
Thank you Mini.


Photogent you have the eyes to see what others would walk by. This is another exquisite photo!


I think fall/early winter is a very appealing time to take pictures and explore your swamp.


Wonderful photography PG, you really are GOOD!


Thank you Celeste.
JJ I saw your comments and raise you a comment.
Thank you YG>

Charming and a bit spooky at the same time, very nice.
Sally, thanks for the rest of the words to the song, fun to sing!


Hi there photogent, you know, this was fun puzzle, more fun than I thought a monochromatic color scheme might be...:)))) Thank you...BTW left you a comment or two on my puzzles that you visited today if you get a chance to make some rounds...DR.


Great pic PG :)


Thank you all for your nice statements. The Spanish moss on the trees was once used by early colonists as a stuffing for their mattress but found out that bugs that bite also lived in the moss. When you look very closely you can see some of them so this practice, as you may have imagined, was soon discontinued.


A beautiful place love the tour......


Fantastic picture! I love this one too.


Up a lazy river by the old mill run.
The lazy, lazy river in the noon day sun.
Linger in the shade of a kind old tree.
Throw away your troubles.
Dream a dream with me-ee...........

Who'd have thought a simple swamp could be so lovely... Makes you forget about the mosquitoes for a bit..... This really should be on display somewhere.... The composition, the lighting the subject.... Photography at its finest....


The very definition of "swamp".


I bet there are a lot of spiders in that there moss!


No you can visit it in the summer but bring an extra quart of blood. Never go close to sunrise or sunset or you may not come out.


I'm guessing it would be impossible to visit this site in the summer with the heat, mosquitos, etc. Thanks for sharing.