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More Star Power

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Thanks, Deborah and Kirsten. How very nice of you.

Rob, I'm so envious of your ability to sew. I've done a few dozen needlepoints, some very large, but my hands can't hold a tiny needle to do the kind of work you do. I'd love to have a nice quilt or two, but even if I could, the cats would most likely destroy them. Do you have any photos of them? I'll post some private puzzles of some of my needlepoints and get back to you here.


Very pretty Gail!


Yep! You have Star Power alright! Thanks Gail!! :)))


Thanks Gail - but after about 40 quilts I got them out of my system!!! Wall hangings & shoulder Tote bags too!! Besides - for half the year it's too hot & humid to do much sewing, especially having a warm quilt draped over your lap!! I suppose I've still got my quilt "eyes" working :))


First, lela started asking me to send him my artwork. I suppose you're going to be next? Once Christmas is over, I'll start saving them to send to you for next year...


Lovely muted colours Gail - another one that would make a nice quilt block.