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Tall Ship in Dock at Dawn

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  1. jjarzemb33:34
  2. glpusna45:19
  3. deatte54:10
  4. 1edie58:23
  5. Platypus1:08:51
  6. navaria1:10:42
  7. Racewife361:14:07
  8. OldBillyGoat1:18:53
  9. et2bruce1:29:03
  10. Ed8821:35:58


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Thanks for your feedback on your username. Never knew that as I am not an avid a fan follower of Batman - even the old comic books.


I hope you will not mind if I join in on the conversation/discussion about the ship and its sails. I followed up glpusna's comment on the sails being hoisted but not furled by googling the definition of furled sails and images of ships with furled sails. The sails on the ship of primary interest are in a furled state as shown in some images. The sails on the ship in the background just passing the guard towers are tightly tied to the yardarm which is another way of furling sails.

I worked a Schmidt jigsaw puzzle named Sails Set which shows a similar ship with sails unfurled. It was a challenge, but a beauty to behold when pieced together. Glad I wasn't a sailor in those days no matter how glamorous they may seem to modern day sailors and landlubbers.

Good observations GLPUSNA... I have updated the title!

OLDBILLYGOAT.... I do have some more and will post. My username is a Batman reference, the real name of the Ridller

Oops. A little error in the title. It is a pirate sailing ship, not a pirate ship sailing.
The ship is docked; the sails are hoisted but not furled. It may be about to get under way, but hasn't yet. Also, it may not be a pirate ship after all because pirates typically wouldn't have a ship this large--with so many gun decks. This looks more like a ship of the line.
Other than these observations, it is a beautiful picture of several ships. Thank you for posting!


What fun and a challenge too. I'm drawn to ships and images of ships. This puzzle is a beautiful example. Hope you have more like it.

Also like your username. What sort of enigma are you?

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