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Jacaranda Trees (May17P07)

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The blossoms of the Jacaranda tree are associated with the magic of Spring.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 16, 36, 64 and 100 pieces. Please enjoy.

Puzzle 111
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Thank you for the blessing and the same back to you. I LOVE these trees. They are so very beautiful. Sorry I haven't found them until now. Thank you for posting them.


Hi Coco, thank you for visiting and writing a comment.

Jacaranda trees in full bloom or when their blossoms carpet the grass, pathways or road are always so beautiful and magical.

A car covered with Jacaranda blossoms must be an amazing sight to behold.

We had Jacaranda trees in California. They were much taller, and I don't remember the blossoms being so thick. It was always a nice surprise to come out for my car and find it covered with lavender petals.


Dear, dear Rita.

I can roughly guess what you were trying to say - that you or I may begin to find your comments "boring" as you think that you may be repeating the same adjectives, like "beautiful", "pretty", etc or a sentence like "Thank you, I like it".

It really does not matter, Rita. I always welcome, appreciate and look forward to positive comments. So, even if you repeat the same lovely words of thanks and appreciation they still mean a lot to me, as I know that you mean what you have said.

Thank you for letting me know how much you like my puzzles and have chosen to solve them, as that is truly a compliment and I receive it with gratitude and thanks.

I have seen you and Bev at all my 3 puzzle pages - jasonchung, jasonchung1 and jasonchung2 - and I always welcome both of you and look forward to your positive comments.

Thank you, Rita and Bev, for solving my puzzles at all my 3 user accounts with Jigidi.

Warm regards, Jason.


Thank you Bev for assisting. I do appreciate that, my friend.

Whenever I have a chance to see this tree in full bloom, it always fills my heart with wonder at the beauty of nature. I can just gaze at it for a long time.


Bev, you are so right once again!
Every day there are cat and dog puzzles, flower bouquets and decorative items and all of them are beautiful, cute, cute in my own way. I often choose not to say anything or I do not do those games.
Jason is a bit of a different story. I have made his games and always said opinion, but my opinion will begin to repeat itself.

I thought so....but sometime and many times Americans use words incorrectly.
My friend told a man,she worked with, that his flower garden was gross. He said, really , you don't like my garden and she said, oh I love your garden. So he said. I thought so, but you used the wrong word. She was quite a youngster at the time a very embarrassed. :))


Both dear Jason and Bev!

I mean it's boring when the same words come in all the time: beautiful, lovely, enchanting and endless words. And all Jason's pictures are beautiful, etc. I believed,
Jason understand that my word choice, and I said it jokingly!! :D

Jacaranda mimosifolia is a sub-tropical tree native to south-central South America that has been widely planted elsewhere because of its beautiful and long-lasting blue flowers. It is also known as jacaranda, blue jacaranda, black poui, or as the fern tree. Older sources call it Jacaranda acutifolia, but it is nowadays more usually classified as Jacaranda mimosifolia. In scientific usage, the name "jacaranda" refers to the genus Jacaranda, which has many other members, but in horticultural and everyday usage, it nearly always means the blue jacaranda.

it is beautiful Jason.

Hi Jason,
it is lovely. My favorite color is white and this color is my second choice. Thank you. Bev.

Definition of boring
:  causing weariness and restlessness through lack of interest :  causing boredom :  tiresome a boring lecture
boringlyplay \-iŋ-lē\ adverb
boringness noun

Rita is this what you really mean to say? Beverly




Thank you for liking this puzzle, Rita.


This is boring! I have nothing more to say than the same as with all of your puzzles. So, this is a wonderful, charming and colorful, and thank you again for this !!

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