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King of the Fence

20 pieces
56 solves
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You all stay down, I am the King of the Fence! Watch me run.........


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You are welcome, guys. Glad you enjoyed his silliness, the king, too.


Precious! Thanks!


Cute, very, very cute! I love watching squirrels play, they can be quite funny at times! Thanks Angel!

Glad you got a chuckle grandmalucy. In the second one you can see one paw gripping the top of the fence as his tail is flying. I just got lucky trying for a shot of him running on top of the pickets when he slipped.


Did the other photo first, i see it is a squirrel. lol

Thank you, Denise. He is a real smarty pants. Check out the next puzzle of him. His crown goes a bit awry.


Such a lovely picture Angel. Thank you so much its a cute squirral:-)