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Pinknblack from the Past

63 pieces
175 solves
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Quilt, I love new words. This one makes lots of sense. Glad you enjoyed this perfect set for the perfect tea.


Beautiful dessert set. Love the colors. Never heard of tablescapes but when you think about it, it makes sense. Thanks for the info and the lovely puzzle.


Thanks for the posts Cindy and Shazzaannie. Tablescapes is the new word for table settings done up to the max. The word is all over the internet and appears to have been for a long time. This week is the first time I came in contact with it and have seen it quite a bit since.

So beautiful. I'd not heard the word tablescape til I read your comment. I will have to remember that one.


so pretty


Rabbit and Rose, again. They are fantastic tablescapers. That is the new word I recently discovered. I just love a beautiful tablescape, don't you?


Good old "Royal Albert" . . . this is a lovely puzzle, Pink!