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Lilac in the morning sunshine

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Just over the fence
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  1. RandiS10:11
  2. mariolyn0:11
  3. Cyprien10:13
  4. Dilubreuer0:13
  5. Beekay0:14
  6. ronniep0:15
  7. swsue690:16
  8. LuLu23810:16
  9. maryoz20140:17
  10. morris1860:17


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I was blessed with a beauty when I moved into one of my homes and it was lovely. It did not grow many suckers and the bottom was pruned into a quasi bonsai shape, and was about 30' tall.


Hate to admit it, redina, but this beauty has been gone so long now that I can't quite remember where it was. Guess I'm spoiled, but many neighbours have lots of plants, flowering and not, so I have the benefits all around me.


I'm sorry to hear about this bush's demise. I love lilacs and believe it is the best smell in the world. Like niccolino, I can almost smell them from here. :)


Guess that's what happens when you don't prune them, Dave. The bush in the puzzle was neglected to a point where the new owner of the house had to dig it out and dispose of it: no flowers and it was about 6 metres tall. (It was much younger and better loved when I captured it.)


Love the smell of Lilacs,but got tired of all the suckers and pruneing. Must have had a wild kind,so I got rid of it. It was a big job. TFS.


Thanks for commenting, niccolino. The aroma is a wonderful benefit from flowers in the yard.


Oh, I can smell the perfume from here! How heavenly. I am very envious!


Thanks, Morris!


Nice one, jyl!!


Thanks Dilubreuer for the compliment! Coming from you it means a lot. Why am I not surprised to see you at the top of the Leaderboard and Beekay right next? ☺


So thick giving out so much loveliness! TFS Jyl!


Thanks for your comment Beekay. The light was what made me take the picture. ☺


I love them! Nice light on them too. Thank you☺

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