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Confusing Perspective #2 (Giant cat)

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Posted on Reddit by catmummy_, whose title is "This little fluffy man comes a couple of times every night and kneads me with his paws and sucks on my arms. I am a tired and happy cat mom. ♥ ️"

I chose this from the Reddit subcategory "Confusing Perspective." People who upload are trying to trick and entertain us with optical illusions (trompe l'oeil).

This photo uses foreshortening (forced perspective) to make the cat look almost as big as the door.

The artists and photographers here can probably add more info. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. :-)

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They really do NOT live in the wild! LOL
Love Stephen King - weird, but love his books. :-))


Ah. Thank you all for the education on Maine Coons. I've never seen even one - not even when I spent a week in Maine. (I did see Stephen King and lots of deer, though.)


I love Maine Coons and have had two of them. Yes, they get BIG. Our boy was 24 pounds of solid cat! His sister was about 20-22 pounds. The biggest babies you can own. Love this picture. :-)) dj


Kitty could you reach that box on the top shelf for me?


This is a Maine Coon, an American breed, not an optical illusion. They are the best. Never mind the door, it's irrelevant. The cat is big. Norwegian Forest cats and Siberian cats are the breeds that come closest to Coons. I still think that Coons are the greatest in many ways. Look it up. It's worth every minute of research if you like cats.


Hey, wait. YOU're a photographer.


LOL!! - I mean, thank you, your Highness.


Felixosaurus Giganticus I think


Does anyone know which breed of cat this is? :-)

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