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Belfry, Brugges

63 pieces
29 solves
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Most impressive. Thanks for sending me over here. While i'm here let me say I so enjoy your comments whenever I find them. You have a rare gift in your imagination and use of words. That bit with Growly and Su, or rather Froggy, was so funny. It even brought Magnus out. I wonder how much he goes trolling through and/or solves and we don't even realize it. When I first saw his name it was #5 or 6 I think. I hope no one pushes him off #10.


83 m high with 366 steps this is the Belltower and Cloth Hall. It has a carillon of 47 bells which ring out all types of tunes during the day. The main bell weighs 6 tonnes...Ardy, eat your heart out!!
And, yes we did climb to the top. Growly too!