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Old Cider Mill

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Just wanted to say goodnight Daffydoodle, still missing you.
Hope to hear from you one day. Take care my friend.
Hugs, jlou


Thanks Gill08. Have a great new year too. My last night here so take care too. Daffy


Thanks Lin. been a great pleasure knowing you and hope everything goes great for the future in all you want to do. Hugs and God Speed. ♥ Daffy.


This is a real crackerjack, Daffy ~ cider lookin' good.... if there's a little something to spike it up! ; )
Tell you what ~ never before had a "Daffy" in my life; odds are slim~to~none ever will again. You've made a giant impression and I'm really gonna miss our laughs and chats. Really not into long drawn out "byes" this is just 'til we meet again. (Told you I tend to get 'wordy') Wherever life leads you, I wish you much luck, contentment, and happiness!!!
♥ Lin


Lovely picture - thanks!


Hugs for you too Jlou. Relax and enjoy the star as someone wanted to be nice. Others on here have had that happen too, so there is a good fairy out there my friend. Now you can get notices and find favorites etc. Check on the home site and it will tell you more. So enjoy it and the coming new year too. Have enjoyed you and your puzzles too. Hugs from Daffy.


Daffy, The strangest thing happened yesterday and again today.
I received a notice that you had posted 4 puzzles yesterday, and
the computer even showed me what puzzles they were. And again
today, the same thing happened. Computers are scary, I don't
know how that works at all. In November a member, who I don't
know, and has since solved some of my puzzles gave me a star. I didn't
want it, and I don't like it, and wish this member had ask me before
hand, It is a long story. Anyway, I guess as long as you post puzzles,
this week, I will get a preview. Ha! Just thought I would share this
unusual happening. Hugs, jlou