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Los Angeles freeway interchange

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This is ridiculous! I've also become a "non-fan" of round- abouts. This past July 4th weekend, at where there used to be a 4-way stop (and everyone just took turns) the traffic circle got so badly jammed, that the Sheriff's office had to send out an officer to direct traffic! We spent almost 45 minutes, waiting for things to be straightened out. (the traffic from the west and south was backed up for a few miles.)


Hi Varda - this looks rather complicated.... thanks hugs :-)))))




An amazing look back in time. Thanks, Plumpossum!


Yes, Gayle, online shopping is a wonderful convenience, and now some grocery stores offer home delivery. The older I get, the more I appreciate these services


Way to go, Plumpossum! I just love my NEW horse, Jack. He's my Rocky, Jr. Finally, after buying and trying several horses. With Jack, I tried and then bought...from friends so I know his history.

Glad you're living the good country life.


No wonder online, mail-order shopping was invented.


RockysRider, since I retired, I have become a "sort of" country gal, with one horse, and I'm enjoying it a lot more than city living!
No, Sandy, not yet. It was mentioned again recently, but so far no action. I'm not counting on it happening, and will be surprised if it does.
Isaly, I've done a lot of that, too, and it's a heck of a lot more fun than the freeways!
Most likely, Pat, but I am disinclined to go there to check it out. Tsk.


I would guess even in the very wee hours of the morning today you would still see a lot more cars on these under/overpasses than are pictured here. This is mind-boggling.

Too overwhelming for this gal. I will stick to the mountain driving.


Plumpy! Did you get to go to Joshua Tree NP yet?


OMG! Glad we didn't have to drive that with the RV!


An absolute nightmare for this country girl!


You will comprehend it pretty forcefully if you drive it these days!

Difficult to comprehend the level of traffic it carries today.