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Maybe at the other side of the bridge.

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Waf waf woof dear aunties, glad you like the photo. ☺ Aunt Joan, I'm glad we don't have any trolls here, only kind gnomes. ☺ Aunt Sharon, I have no idea, I will ask them if I find them. ☺ Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Bella, be careful of troll's under the bridge

Sweet Bella, Maybe they went under the bridge. Maybe they swam across. Maybe they made a small raft. I don't know either. ;-)))

You had a full day, Bella. You are going to sleep well tonight.

Thank you very pretty picture Thank you. HUGS !!!!


Waf waf woof dear aunties. Aunties, the scent led me to this bridge, but now I wonder, how did they cross this bridge? The steps are too high, the can't climb them. Maybe they have another doggy friend and they could ride on that dogs back. But I think that's a bit dangerous. I have no idea. Now first I will try to find the scent at the opposite. I can't smell it here. They have to be somewhere. ☺
We had very nice weather today, sunny and 15°C (59°F) but the wind was very strong. Lots of branches are broken again. Poor trees. ☺ We also had a great evening walk, I played tug of war with mum and with Luna. We also ran a lot. I played so much that I stopped, I was tired. ☺
Aunt Linda, we say that too, you're getting "warm" or "cold". Aunt Faye, yes you will recognize the houses in the water. ☺ Last year I found the gnomes in the area I just left, so they are moved. ☺
Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Now I know where you are! Perhaps you ARE heading into gnome territory!?! ;DDD


I think you're getting "warm" now Bella (in the kids' game that means you're getting closer to what you're looking for).
Woof woof! ♥♥♥


Bella, maybe you just don't have gnome eyes and can't see them. Thanks, Ank. Lovely scene.


Those trees look like a great spot to hide, Bella. Maybe they're in there.


Hmmm Could be!


Just maybe they are on the other side of the bridge, no harm in looking,Bella.

Maybe, but that is a great view.


You have a nice view from the bridge there Bella.

what are you looking at dear Bella, must be very interesting?

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