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I was born . . .

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

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I was born under the sign of Murphy's Law. ):
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Sounds like a better set-up now!


Yes, finally got it set up and working last night. Now I'm searching for a browser that doesn't use up so much power, I have Google Chrome now. It took me awhile because I thought it would all go haywire and then wouldn't know what to do. Now I have WiFi, which I also set up on my phone and only pay $16.00 a month vs $90.00+ just for internet and a landline that didn't work. (:


Duine, did you finally get it going? I hope so! I'm not very good at this stuff, and I usually end up wanting to throw it out the window :-)))

I'd say, pat yourself on the back. I'm not tech savvy... so the info just doesn't 'stay in my brain'. Lol




Found the battery! My eyes are so blurry from using small magnifier to read the info and couldn't see it. No idea why print is so small when it comes to assembling things. I'm usually good at that part, it's the tiny print that's a problem. Now charging the battery, then finish set-up. Yay! Thank you both for your support, I have no one to ask for help on things and here it's just so much friendlyness going around? (: I made a new word. Heehee


I don't handle frustration at all well, Duine, so I can sympathize with you!

You have my sympathy and support. Well done so far!


Trying to install a new internet as the one I have keeps raising prices and lowering speed. So I've bee n re-reading the info and taking notes before I get started. Set the wifi to charge the battery while I disconnected the original modem. Waited on hold for 45 minutes with the new company to ask a few questions. Finally I decided I'm a big girl and can do this myself. Had to get the back off the modem for info inside with a password and something else, my hands and fingers don't work so well but finally the back popped off and out drops a silica packet, no battery. Now I had no internet and couldn't figure out how to contact them to fix the problem. Finally hooked the original internet back up and now waiting to hear back about what to do.
I did get a little stressed but this is the way things go for me, so I chuckled and snickered while going about solving my latest adventure under Murphy's Law, "If something can go wrong, it will." Or words to that affect. (:

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