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St. Louis Arch

20 pieces
86 solves
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Here is some information on the Gateway Arch.


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Thank you Hanne.

Glad you enjoyed the link Tatinha.


Thanks Sandy for the link! I like a lot the history of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. I read an article about years ago.


Impressing isn't it!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


LOL Suzy.

Thank you young man, bradjan and Tatinha.

I didn't go up bradjan, but I just put a link in the info section under the puzzle that might tell.

Good morning Tatinha! I just put a link under the puzzle for you to see. Have a wonderful day!


G' morning Sandy. Is this arc some kind of monument?


This could be quite fun to go up, Do you know how long it takes to go through the arch?


If you would have had less of a death grip on the door it could have turned into a great action shot. LJ how was the therapy session you went to for recovery? Nice shot chickster. Not to shabby from a 60MPH truck and the screaming from the back seat.


Laura-we improvised our route a bit and caught 44 from 270. Not a big deal. We just kind of felt like foolish tourists!


Having a window opened and hair flying in one's face is a small price to pay for a photograph! :)


Thank you Oliver and laura.

Sorry laura. pg is the one that opened my window.


You missed your exit, Suzy? Oh's not all that easy to get straightened out, either.

Chickie, great shot...well worth my hair getting blown across my face.


nice Ophelia!


Thank you morris. It never did get sunny that day morris.

Thank you Gene, Ank, Suzy, aggie and Celeste.

Yes, it was fun and was glad to meet you finally Suzy!

We had a great time Ank. And yes you can go to the top. NOT me!!!! LOL


Laughs. I have so done that many times.. Missed the exit cus I was looking at things around me.
Great shot Chickie :)


We were so busy looking at the arch, we missed our exit! Great shot Chickie! What a great time we had!


Hi Sandy, did you have nice days? Thanks for this beauty, do I understand well, you can go up there in that Arch? Have a beautiful day.


great pic and set Sandy :)))


Nice shot on a gloomy day, chickie. I am sure that it started clearing up as soon as I left the area.
Had a fun time, myself!


Hi fodus and warbler. I took this pic while were driving over the Mississippi River on our way to the Botanical Gardens. Did not get to go to it. Besides, I do not like heights, so would not have gone up to the top. I bet it is a wonderful view. Thank you warbler. It was a fun weekend meeting the Jigidi folks!


Did you go up on the little tram and look out the windows on top? When I was there the river was really flooded. Part of the walkway next to the river there, was under the water. PBS had a documentary on them building it. They built it from both ends and put the top middle section in last like a keystone. Cool photo. Welcome back. Thanks


Our daughter went up this arch many years ago. She was impressed.