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Pinknblack from the Past

64 pieces
52 solves
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We all agree, the artist should have kept them all black, the blue was a bit jarring. Thanks for the comments.


This made a nice puzzle. However, I agree the cup and saucer do not really "go" with the rest. A shame, too. But thanks for sharing the puzzle.


Awww yes, I see what you mean about that! I can't afford to get two of them though!


They are too spendy for my thin blood. I thought the same thing, but I still liked it. It matched another one she had, so it wouldn't have stuck out as much next to the one that was close in patterns.


I wonder why the top plate and cup does not match the rest of it! Inquiring minds and all! It kind of stands out like a sore thumb if you know what I mean? They should have made the whole thing match and then I would probably want to buy that too! L.O.L.