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  1. like921150:27
  2. Grandma_W0:29
  3. Czopkoj0:31
  4. berio0:32
  5. RobbinL560:32
  6. fuzzygirl0:35
  7. djluka0:35
  8. anna70lee0:36
  9. wjl10150:37
  10. onejaw0:39


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I would most certainly go for it!!!


imagine with me...

you're a very old (wo)man. You've worked all your life attempting to keep your family happy and strong. Sometimes you even went without so so there'd more more for others, n you kept silent about it. Your life was all about giving to others.
Then one morning you woke up, and found yourself young again. All your aches vanished, your tummy was full, it was quiet, warm and wonderful .... because you were a kitten, loved and adored!. The world was suddenly your playground, the only thing you had to do now was catch that flying bug that looked like your former boss!

Think you'd make that epic jump? ;)

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