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Sunday's Flowers

30 pieces
159 solves
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Oh, Mary, I'll be making more of this type of puzzle. I really enjoy making them, so you're in luck. Of course, they won't all be Sunday Five-Flower Dance puzzles but they'll be able to be danced to on different days of the week. ;-)


Love the flowers all over the puzzle! Doing the Sunday Five-Flower Dance! A fun solve! 2:28 Thanks, Wendy!


Mandy, I'm not sure that I like them being interwoven so it's probably the only time I'll do it like that (where the background solid circles are separated from the flower portion). I'm glad you like them...but....too bad....


Stunning Wendy, stunning. Each of these deserves credit individually, and yet they work brilliantly together, and as said below I love the way they're interwoven too. Thank you so much.


Katie and PJ, oh geeeez, when I see such nice comments, I want to make more of this type of puzzle again. Thank you, dears. :-)


Dear Wendy - this is gorgeous, beautiful, warm and glorious colors ......
And your hand......


These are fabulously fantastic Wendy!


OK, whatnauts, I'll make more. :-)

Ardy, think of it this way- this particular puzzle has 5 kaleidoscopes and I created them all from scratch (no images from the web were used). So it's like making 5 separate puzzles....only all rolled into one. So of course it's harder on my hand. Unfortunately, I LOVE creating these so I'm willing to down more painkiller than I otherwise would. lol

Hugs to you though, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)


Dear Wendy, I hope your hand isn't suffering growing these delightful flowers that you are sharing. Thank you. They are beautiful. Hugs.


Thanks Wendy, I've missed these.


I'm glad you enjoyed the sprockets. I got them off out my toolbox. LOL


I like the way these intertwine, like sprockets--the gears in a beautiful flower machine! :-)))