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West Side Meatpacking District

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  1. S50023:19
  2. junglejim29:51
  3. Tincup31:07
  4. pholmes34:53
  5. spencersmom37:25
  6. auershop39:05
  7. markp39:47
  8. FuzzyTurtle55:41
  9. BrittL58:16
  10. gramma831:14:04


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Sadly, we pass so many things by without a second look. I was lucky: a friend of the family was a painter and taught me to see the true colours of what I was observing, not just what the brain expected to see. He would ask: "What colour is that wood of that fence?", "Purple!" I would answer and he would say:"Excellent! Your brain expects it to be grey, but it really isn't." and so on... It helped me immensely when I went on to become a fashion buyer and would have to take in details of design/colours/fabric very quickly when attending catwalk shows.
Thank you, spencersmom.


What a great eye the photographer has! I think I would have passed this by without a second look.


Possibly, Marille: it didn't say. Thank you.

Thank you, auershop.

Very nice


That was fun.
Westside Chicago?

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