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After the Storm - Nov 2013 no.2

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All the leaves were washed off the horse chestnut tree at the end of my drive. We had lashing rain, hail stones, and then rain mixed with snow! It cleared and the sun came out!


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They're still there, Lynne! It's the local council's job to do it that's why we pay what we call 'rates' which is a kind of tax - it covers things like road-sweeping and street-cleaning, refuse collection, street lighting and road repairs. They came and cleaned up all the conkers that dropped from the tree - I was mad cos I went out with my camera to take a picture of them, and the council were just finishing clearing them up! The first time they've ever done that, but I think it was because horse chestnuts in my area seem to have a disease so they're trying to keep it to a minimum by clearing up the fruits. Not sure why they haven't cleared these leaves away yet though.

I bet you didn't look forward to the clean up of the leaves.


Merci bien, Jacques. Je suis contente que vous avez me rendre une visite!

Hi JJ! I'm very glad to have met you online too - I really enjoy your puzzles, and likewise look forward to many more with correspondence! Happy Thanksgiving Day to You!!


HI Niccolino! I just popped in to say "hi" and as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States...I want to tell you that I so glad to have met you online and look forward to many more puzzles and correspondence with you!!


love the picture Nicolle


Yes, it was, Sandy.
Very true, Florrie!


Looks like a pretty area Nicky. Bet the tree was pretty with the Fall Color.


No, Susie, no damage, thankfully. The trees looked a bit forlorn afterwards though! Thanks for dropping by.


Fast moving storm then, no damage hopefully.