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Police Cessna

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Thanks, Laura!
Andy, the larger models were radio control, the smaller ones control line. The Rearwin is a control line model. It is bright red.


Cool, Possum!


That's fascinating that you built large scale model planes, Plum. That usually a male thing, so way to go! Were they the powered remote controlled variety that you flew? I looked at a few of those models you mention on line, and both the Rearwin Speedster and the Mooney Mite were real spiffy looking planes. What color is the Rearwin Speedster on living room wall? Red seemed to be a popular color - they must have looked spectacular flying!


Yeah, the freeways can be pretty daunting, especially with all the 18-wheelers hogging so much space. More than once I've been intimidated by one of them -- their drivers know that they can bully a mere passenger car driver, and they often do it. Many years ago, truck drivers were the "knights of the highway" and I benefited a time or two from that attitude, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Thanks for your comments, Bill & Andy.


Nice job! Enjoy the weather and the scenery while keeping an eye on things and it's probably a lot safer up there than it is on the freeways! Thanks Plum.


Small planes such as this have always been attractive to me. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to fly one, but it was never to be. I compensated a bit by building models of them -- the ones I can remember were a 6-ft span Piper cub, a smaller Rearwin Speedster, a Mooney Mite, and maybe some others. I still have the Rearwin; it hangs on the wall in my living room.


Nice to see the fuzz are keeping an eye on you, Plum. :-) Seriously, I enjoy flying in small planes like this one. It's the only way to really get the sensation of flying.