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Payton on week nine of his self quarantine and isolation. ;)

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Aww, so precious! Reminds me of my late Vincent.


What a sweetheart.


Consider Payton as "hugged". I guess I don't have to tell you what a little joy he is........:) He is my buddy, friend and winter heating pad! lol


Peyton is adorable. All 6 of our cats (4 are gone now) did the same thing on the back of the chair. Cats look so comfortable no matter what position they are in. If we did that, we would be visiting a chiropractor. Enjoy your kitty and give him a hug from me. Thanks for sharing his photos.


Aw, love this one! I always wonder their ability to pick places that look like if they try to stretch would go straight to the floor... and yet look so comfortable! He is very handsome Carol! A Bird that luvs >^..^<




And he's doing a fine job "coping" with it all. :-)) Marathon napping happening here and Wimsey seems to be enjoying the extra lap time opportunities.


Payton knows how to 'get through' a quarantine! (Cats are so smart..."what can't be cured, must be endured.)
Dusty : )


Looks like he's handling lockdown in the same lais back fashion as Tisket is :-))


Hi Carol, I bet Payton enjoys every minute you're around you do enjoy being around him! Kitties just can have a funny way of showing it LOL

Hi Carol. I've had many kitties in most of my life. Unfortunately I don't have any right now. I'm hopping that I'll be getting a couple kitties soon. :-)


Payton - you look very comfortable ♥ sweet dreams


My Sweetie Pie (19) is commiserating with Payton. Except I am retired and she sees a lot of me and has gotten used to having this dedicated servant.


Hi Sally, I will pass your compliment to Payton. He is currently taking another little snooze. ;)

I love Payton puzzles! He looks so fluffy and happy Carol. Thank you.


Thanks SuzeeQ. He is my little buddy. Will be 16 on August 1. Do you have kitties?

I love cats. This is such a cute puzzle! Thanks!!


LOL! BeatleCarol, nothing different for him. However, I think he is getting a tad tired of having "Mommie" around so much?!


Is this any different than other weeks? :-)