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"The Promise"

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Francois Fressinier was born August 4, 1968 in Cognac, France. Francois studied fine art at Ecole Brassart in Tours, France. Over the last decade Francois has perfected his artistic style of neoclassicism, and has done countless hours of research and study of the old masters techniques. Though accomplished at various styles of art, his favorite subject matter finds itself in the ethereal romantic presence of sensuous women.
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You are both welcome Bubble and jjandchris. Have a nice day :-)

Another lovely picture - thank you oynot.


Thank you dear friend, hope you're all safe and sound ? special hugs Oynot ♪♥♥♫


I really like Francois Fressinier artwork. Great to read your replies Bubble (like your new avatar) and @afternoontea (nice to meet you).





Good afternoon Bubble, I'm glad you enjoyed this painting by Francois Fressinier. I enjoy his artwork as well :-)


A beautiful and romantic setting, you can feel the love between them, thanks Oynot ♪♥♥♫


More than welcome Alex and I thank you for your comment :-)


Interesting overlay coupled with focal changes designed to enter a sensuous romantic moment in time..
Thank you for posting. Alex :-))


Glad that you enjoyed this puzzle mt dear friend Isaly, Cyber hugs being sent your way :-)


Very romantic and sensual painting. Lots to see in this. Hope you are having a good day. Sending big hugs your way.

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