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Name of this tree? - older strands

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Here is what the older, dried up strands from the tree look like. Can someone please identify this tree for me? There is a heavily wooded area in a deep ravine with a brook nearby, and one or more trees is dispersing cottony puffs that are all over the lawn. Do you know what this tree is? I would really appreciate it! The cotton puffs fly all over. There are two other photos about these puffs. Thank you for any help or suggestions about how to identify this species of tree!
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Děkuji! Thank you!

Téměř určitě topol - Cottonwood. Na Wikipedii to popis a spousta fotografií potvrzuje.💕♥️💕


Yes, the wind blows so much puffy fluffs that it looks like it's snowing! I can't get down into the ravine to see the bark or even find the tree or trees, but that's good information, ForestFriend. THANK YOU ALL! I was so curious about these puffy fluffs.

How to identify: bark is gray and deeply furrowed with flattened top ridges on the large, older trees. The trees grow quickly and are often huge, but not long lived. Leaves are somewhat triangular in shape with toothed edges that curve inward. The leaf stalks are flattened, not round like those on most tree leaves. The twigs are fatter than those on most trees. And the seeds should not collect on the lawn for more than a few weeks.

I agree with jodycyotee, ,likely, Eastern Cottonwood, Populus deltoides. It grows well in wet areas. The child next door tells me that it is snowing when the wind blows lots of the fluff into her yard :) The neighbor with a pool can hardly wait for the seeds to stop blowing into the water.


Thank you!!!

Maybe a Cottonwood tree. They have abundant cottony puffs that blow all over!

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