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I don't know this money painting. I had a second cold on Friday.


oh, I'd love to see a photo of that Fay.

I agree, he had a tough time of it, I'm sure mental illness like his was as maligned then as it is now, probably more so. And he was a brilliant artist, just brilliant... and never sold a thing. Anyone who struggles with mental illness, depression, and the hurdles to make a living that most artists have, would have to be terribly passionate about their creative work to keep producing a body of work as big as his, with no real encouragement or support.


P.S. when holidaying in San Diego I had a cross stitch graph sent to my home address of Vincent;s Starry Night’ and when completed, entered it in our local yearly show, and did him the honour of winning a First and also Best of Show. I gave it to my son for his 50th birthday....9 yrs ago.


Such a sad life. He deserved better than he was given, and has given more than he ever knew. My favourite artist, and love his `Starry Night’,.... being truthful here, I really don’t like to see it as backdrop to other works. But that’s just me, and as we should all know from previous issues, we ALL have a right to our own points of view. Thanks my amazing (Mazy). Fay.


pretty sure we are looking at millions for a Van Gogh now!

He knew he was a real artist creating valuable work, or he, like most creatives, would have given up.

Hemingway wallpapered his study with his rejection letters before he sold his first piece of writing. He didn't give up just because no one got his vision.

All creatives should stick to their vision and voice....


yes, so sad and true. What's really amazing is that his works sell for thousands of dollars now!
If only we could tell him.


a true artist in that he never pandered to the market. Inconceivable he never sold a painting, and sad.


Ha Ha Ha! Thank you for creating this puzzle Mazy! I love Vincent's work and his drive to paint. He was persistent even in his darkest times.


Where did my van Gogh?

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