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Advertisment for Chocolate

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It IS on the other foot. Methinks they doth protest too much!!

The "people" in charge think we are all morons.
Could the shoe possible be on the other foot?


Thanks Barb, Sorry it took me so long to get to this one! Magical place that kids (kinder) would love!...heck, I would love to go there! I would love to ride in a caterpillar bus or have tea in a teapot shaped Teahouse****

Thanks Nancy @moshmaster for the background. I've never seen these eggs but my grandson tells me they are banned in the US because we might swallow the eggs whole with the toys inside (no common sense). This is why we have labels on dress shirts: Do NOT iron while wearing!! Not kidding!


You are very welcome, Quilt!


Fun puzzle. Very colorful. Great marketing idea, too. Thanks for sharing.

Is everyone safe and sound?
The weather was awful.
I pray y'all didn't suffer and damage or loss.

Ohhh, you've done it again!
'Brought back precious, magical memories of Germany.
Kinder Chocolate was popular during Christmas, but especially Easter.
The chocolate eggs had (has) a plastic shell underneath the chocolate.
When the chocolate was removed (eaten), there was a clear plastic
egg that contained a wonderful toy.
Some chocolate eggs were very small. They held fun surprises.
The larger ones held the bigger toys...even stuffed animals.
My little ones were enchanted with these many years ago.
Now, Kinder Chocolate is international. Every one can enjoy them! Yippee!
Thank you, Barb.


Bobbie, are you going to be impacted by hurricane what's her name?


What a cute, magical place. Thanks Barbara. :)


Welcome, Bonnie


This is a whimsical treasure, there's even a rooster in it! : )
Thanks Barbara. Happy Sunday.