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My beautiful late wife. I miss u so much.

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  1. jagarza8:14
  2. flip8:25
  3. nenny9:45
  4. monwell10:15
  5. martinkk10:45
  6. mark11:00
  7. pops6911:30
  8. ceiligrrl11:30
  9. WhiteRabbit12:14
  10. Zuke12:35


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Sorry for your loss I can relate to your pain as I to lost my wife in Nov. of 2010 she was my love my life and my bestfriend for 30 years. I'm still in so much pain.They say time heals so hang in there and I will pray for you tonight. Bless you my friend

It was very difficult to build this one but well worth while to see her beautiful smile. I pray that time will help to ease your pain and allow you to be happy and look back with fond memories of the love you both shared. God bless you.


Bless her and yourself, that is unbelievable. It's hard to accept when bad things happen to good people, it's just so unfair. I hope her family lives close by, perhaps spending time with them will help all of you.

Thanks for all the comments. She died the day after her 30 years birthday after a surgery that went fatal wrong. Its now 2 weeks ago.


Very sorry for you great loss. She looks like a sweet, lovely girl.


There is no greater loss than the loss of your mate. It leaves a hole in your soul; I know. To lose your lovely wife at such a young age is heartbreaking. Keep a vision of her smile with you always. She would want you to go on living, that you can be sure of. Please accept from a stranger, my most sincere condolences.

We're so sorry for your loss. If you know the Lord, know that the whole Body is feeling your loss and supplying you. Did she die of sickness?

I am very sorry for your loss, my heart and my thoughts go to you.


I am so very sorry.


well this was the hardest puzzle i ever solved. it's down right impossible through the tears Martin. Sweetie all I can say is the harsh crushing brittleness of this huge loss will somehow morph into a smaller more malleable stone that you will tuck into a pocket of your heart and all those wonderful memories of her warmth, courage and grace will keep you safe and sane once again. Please know we all can see her inner beauty shining even brighter than her physical... this lovely picture was a special gift to us all. thank you so much, brightest blessings, candice

She looks so young; I'm really sorry for your loss. There will be another star in Heaven shining bright.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is a very devistating process to go through. My heart goes out to you.


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