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Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

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In Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we visit the Bay of Fires on the northeastern coast of Tasmania, Australia.

The Bay of Fires is distinguished by its striking natural features. Spanning approximately 50 kilometers, this coastal area extends from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north.

One of the most notable characteristics of the Bay of Fires is its vividly colored landscape. The area is famous for its large granite boulders that dramatically line the coast, covered with bright orange lichens. This distinct coloring, caused by Xanthoria parietina, a type of lichen, gives the boulders an almost surreal appearance, especially against the backdrop of the bay's crystal-clear turquoise waters.

In today's puzzle, we see the bay covered in fog – it almost appears otherworldly, and we find it just magnificent! ♥
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Beautiful, thanks. :-)


Nice to see something from my country! And a beautiful part of the world too. Thanks Jigidi. (❛ᴗ❛)



Fascinating and beautiful. Thanks

Lovely picture thank you.


If would be nice to walk the beach of Bay of Fires. Thank you for this picture. 12-10-23

Beautiful and eerie..

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