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Fire Dragon Galaxy (Ex. Small)

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©2020 Kyrin. Original Image.
This beauty is from an LED display, who 'spoke' to me, wanting a star-strewn scene. Well, in looking for copyright-free star pictures, I also came across several galaxy and nebula pictures. This background - of the Orion Galaxy (according to the text with it) was the 3rd choice, which he undoubtedly loves! (Choice 2, although also very good, is going with another scene)
If you like my digital art, please visit the Copyright link to see more works, and perhaps leave a message for me ;-)

I confirm that I made this digital art creation from a combination of internet copyright-free images and my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.

This puzzle can be searched under FireDragonGalaxy or Fire_Dragon_Galaxy

Available sizes: 12, 80, 154, 266, 374 & 540


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You are forgiven Kyrin. This happens to the best of us (or so I've been told by many people) :-)


Oh I've done the high-light/copy/paste/remove thing lots of times, just this time it slipped through :-\


It's so easy to just click on "Post comment" and let it go.
Just like tossing a bucket of water on the campfire before you head back home... oblivious to whether any embers remain to burn down a thousand acres behind you.

But...... I found out that any words within angle brackets (above the , and . keys) won't appear. So I started doublechecking every comment right after posting... not so hard with all of the programming ingrained habits.

If a tag doesn't turn blue, it's not well formed. You can always copy your comment to your clipboard, click "Remove", then paste it into a new comment area and fix it up.


Big hugs Rob XO
I thought I had added the @ !!


Thank you @Kyrin and @robf :) Great job!


(Looks like Kyrin slipped the @ — just helping out)


karencubbison this is my most recent dragon pic, yet to go public - hope you like him ;-)
I can tag you in my future pics too if you wish?


Fanks, so thrilled with the results meself ;-)


Hazy and nebulae like photo, original and colourful, thanks Christine. (• ͜ʖ •)


@Droelfzehn in my description for this pic, I mention that the background is of the Orion Galaxy; this just helps those folks who are interested in say, astronomy and want to know what part of the cosmos they're seeing ;-)


Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts on this picture! It was lots of fun to make and I do feel impressed with its finish :)

And thank you John for the link - I will definitely check it out :-D


This one 'jumped out' at me and perfectly suited my dragon.

I like nebulas and space photos, although I'm not sure how they'd transfer to a good puzzle without a 'scene'. A simple starry sky would look a bit monotonous, I think, but those with good colours and formations could be alright. I have played a few galaxy-like puzzles but as I said, for me they need a 'story' with it, such as a character or creature(s) in them to make them interesting enough for a puzzle :)


I've posted a couple of nebula images but they didn't seem to interest too many puzzlers as in solves, but I don't care because they are beautiful.


If you look at my comment about our hive, Ken is also into fantasy ... he loves wizards, dragons, and fairies...quite a few of our first collaborations were based on fairy images...I'll have to tag you, if you haven't seen them. His current avatar is a wizard picture I posted and then he took it as his own image..but yes, I think that is beautiful...also, my favourite is red, then yellow and black birth sign is my colours match. Anything red will attract me and that has become a joke in our group. Sure, you can tag me, but I'll wait to read your response to my question in the Fire Fairy post. Lol


Thought I'd share my most recent digital art picture with you @Birgit73

Pretty much all of my puzzles pictures are fantasy themes, which is fine if you love them, though can be boring for those who don't.

If you wish, I'll include you in my Friends' Tag group for future pictures?
These wonderful people get to see my puzzles well ahead of the general public, and have also been given 'exclusive sneak peaks' of works in progress.
If this doesn't interest you, that's fine, and no harm done xoxo


Looks like a vivid alternate reality; wonderful work (especially if that's kinda what you had in mind).

Absolutely an eyecatcher, for a book or CD cover (for antique lovers), mug, t-shirt etc.!!!


I have to agree with SPaceDinVADerOne - another great job!


another great job Kyrin :o)

here's a link to one of NASA's photo archives ... just in case you need more star backgrounds ;o)


What a lot of energy in this one, @Kyrin! Thanks!


Well, have I got a surprise today...
@beeld @Bubble @BunnyLeigh @dhi @Donnajames @irisriver @Isaly @LinM @nanapuzzler @niccolino59 @oldnanalarissa @pasta @robf @sillychick @Sissel @SPaceDinVADerOne @TrevUK @twistinNturnin

Would love to know what you think XO