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"The Walled City"

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Statement by Scott Kahn;
I consider my work to be a visual diary, a record of my life, a reporting of the places and people I encounter. It is not easy to begin a painting, despite the variety and complexity of the world. It is important to me to have a reason to paint, for the impulse to be strong. If I do not feel compelled to work, how can I expect the viewer to respond to what I am reporting? If I am successful, hopefully, the painting will have depth, poetry, and honesty. The effect should be direct and clear. To achieve this result, a creative person calls upon every tool available to him: technical, emotional, intuitive, and intellectual. The act of creating, therefore, teaches us and reveals to us who we are and our relationship to life. This is why I paint.
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Sometimes nanapuzzler I cannot help myself by posting an off-the-wall painting :-)


I found this in my bookmarked puzzles and I actually like paintings that make me think and wonder what the artist is trying to tell me. It isn't the kind of painting I want hanging in my living room - that would have to be something you never tire of looking at. Thank you for sharing this off-the-wall painting.


Thank you Bill_I_Am and iceng for your insight of this painting :-)

No need for any different views of something I post Isaly , I appreciate your feedback :-)


Thank you Bill, this painting reminds of the Andrea-Kowch suspenders threads :-))


Well done, Alex.


Trying to read Scott's technical, emotional, intuitive, and intellectual rendering..

The Intellectual respects the danger to his person with the fire wall while the emotional sits alone on lonely dark nights yearning while gazing the city lights.. The intuitive sets the wall fire because of the unknown.. And the technical knows he can close the drapes to this complexity and abandon this painting .......if he want to. :-))


Have no fear, oynot. I was intrigued and I enjoyed solving it. Thank you!


Of course you day. I'm not complaining just giving my opinion......No worries!


LOL! I know, but sometimes I like to post something off-the-wall :-)


:-) This is definitely different!


Thought I'd post something a little different Isaly.


Don't care for this painting at all.....

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