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My latest paiinting

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  1. sinjo2:28
  2. sussie2:30
  3. upswife32:30
  4. kls552:31
  5. debdaz2:53
  6. janibacsi2:57
  7. twyla0533:02
  8. Annetta3:05
  9. bengtn3:05
  10. sharktooth13:08


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Thank you for the wonderful complements.


These are really good! I'm glad I saw these. Thanks for sharing!

paulg, your talent is extremely good....please never stop painting or drawing.
The subject is great and shows people interacting. Your knowledge of nature
is very good, your lights and darks are perfect. Thanks for sharing....Janine.


I sort of envy people who can paint..I can draw and scribble but lack the patience. I wish I had. I want to finish a picture so quickly and then rush it through. So i never concentrate on the light and shadowing etc.. This painting is good paulg18. The reflections in the water. the different positions and movements of the crowd. The trees and their branches. The detailed bird house in the foreground..Yeap. you sure have the knack...

If I had done this one first I wouldn't have asked the previous question. Looks like a fishing derby? Hope you're enjoying your painting and thanks for posting.

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