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Wastewater at Bełchatów Power Station, Poland

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51.266389°, 19.330556°

“Wastewater is pumped away from the Bełchatów Power Station in Gmina Kleszczów, Poland. Located near the city of Łódź in central Poland, Bełchatów is the world’s largest lignite-fired power station and its second largest fossil-fuel power station. In 2007, the World Wide Fund for Nature ranked it as Europe’s highest absolute carbon dioxide emitter, with 30.1 million tonnes of emissions per year.”

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Poland ranks third in Europe for coal production; it ranks ninth in the world among countries dependent on coal for energy.

Mind you, I would put that image on my wall. Beauty of chaos?

A 1st world country chooses to pollute due to greed and arrogance. In some countries the choice may be to use whatever resources are available or let the people freeze.


You have to wonder why the powers that be don’t mitigate this sort of thing.


Because it's cheap.

And to put Poland's emissions into perspective, in 2018, emissions of carbon dioxide by the U.S. electric power sector were 1.763 billion metric tons.


Pretty revoltin'. And considering that carbon dioxide is a gas, 31.1 million tons of it must occupy one heck of a lot of space.


Lignite. Why on earth do we burn lignite? Or any other coal for that matter.

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