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3/5/23 Christmas Poinsettia still alive

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how long will this live? can't remember how to 'store it' so it blooms again next year.
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Thank you @Impie. I knew the were poisonous to cats and that is why I would only have one in a non-accessible room. But, I have a very lovely artificial one that I dust off every year. The cats have even nibbled on this but it won't hurt them. Silly cats !!!


Thanks for the tag @thurman .

@mauismom - I'm not much of a fan of these plants, but I did have several in the past. Mine never bloomed again all they did was growing very high. After I was told they are very poisonous for cats I never had them anymore.

You best could search for their care on Google, I'm sure you'll find information to help you further. Good luck. xx


I just thought of someone who might know. @Impie Can you tell Penny what to do? Thanks. Evelyn.


Someone will know. I had only one ever make it through the winter but that was so long ago, I don't remember how I did it. I don't get them now as I have the cats and they would eat them. If I had a warm room upstairs that has a "closed" door, I would have tried one. Maybe next year.

It looks good!

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