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HD Sportster

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  1. karlee1:40
  2. Malta1:56
  3. cobra2:19
  4. Mirage12002:24
  5. gordyp532:25
  6. osersan2:25
  7. bulldog13132:29
  8. octhomasad2:37
  9. Kylelaur2:39
  10. markp2:41


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I think I'm going in a car wreck.. ha ha. I am going to use it up. I'm not leaving it to all those who are waiting for it. I put some more fast miles on it today too.

looks like you're building it right - and because you built it, you'll keep it running right - big question I would think is Pat - will you last long enough to use it up...HAH


Yes the motorcycles I was thinking about were years ago.
as for my '51. yes, I did buy it back in 1971 and I have more dollars in parts more than the cost of my house. and even more than the cost of my 8 car garage. You are probably right as to dream of how much time and energy has been put into it.
I am going to drive my car till I get my $250,000 investment use out of it.

think this one was early to mid 2000's - not a big HD fan myself, but I am an equipment dealer, and once in awhile i buy one of these and play with it a little before I resell it, and this one was quite a few years back. This one was a 1200, and the ones you're probably thinking about were (maybe) 800's from later 70's or 80's. had big fat front tires on them back then. BTW liking that 51 of yours, must have a million$ in it by now, if your time is worth a nickle an hour, never mind the parts! it's sweet! check out the paint on the next HD I just posted...


I like Harley Davidson Sportster's. I don't know much about them. I thought the little front tire and larger back tire was called FX? What year is that? I thought Sportster's had same front tire and back tire? Then I just don't know all that much about those. I would be interested in learning though.

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